Superior laces, loved by designers around the world.

We have been delivering our laces to many high-class brands globally. Our laces are carefully finished and their delicacy can only be achieved by the craftmanship of Japanese manufacturers.

Embroidery Laces

We offer a wide variety of patterns such as floral or geometric, from narrow widths of less than 1cm to as wide as 100cm. Items with the taste of European Antique design made on vintage machines are also attracting designer’s attention. The embroidery machines that are mainly used in overseas are operated at high speeds to increase productivity. They require strong and thick polyester yarns, etc., or else the yarn will break. The machines which our laces are made operate slower, allowing to use softer, finer cotton yarns and realize more delicate, fluffier texture.

“Punching” is the process of putting a design into an actual lace pattern (deciding where to thread the needle). The technique of punching complex patterns with a single stroke is truly a craftsman’s art. The quality of the lace depends greatly on the quality of the punching and the quality of the yarn. Antique lace embroidered in Europe over several hundred years ago expressed delicate and graceful patterns using ultrafine yarns available only at that time and in a process that is almost impossible to reproduce today. How to achieve such a finish with modern embroidery techniques has been a big theme.

Torchon Laces

We offer a wide range of patterns from less than 1 cm to over 10 cm in width, from standard patterns such as floral, scallop, and geometric patterns to fringe and multi-colored patterns. There are basically no restrictions on pattern pitch (repeat width). We can also offer laces made from organic cotton, wood yarns processed from thinned wood, and recycled materials, which have been attracting a lot of attention recently.

Service we can offer

For standard items, embroidery lace can be purchased in MOQ of 1roll (approx. 14m) and torchon lace in MOQ of 100cm. Samples (10cm-20cm) can be shipped in about 3 business days upon request. We are also available to discuss special DTM colors. We can develop original patterns together with you, or customize from existing patterns.