MOBILON® is ideal for “holding” all kinds of things, from daily necessities to medical devices and industrial products.

Developed with NISSHINBO’s proprietary technology, MOBILON is 100% manufactured under strict quality control at NISSHINBO Tokushima Plant (ISO 9001, ISO14001 certified). Please feel free to contact us from the “Contact Us” menu at the top for any inquiries and questions about our products in Japan and overseas.

NISSHINBO MOBILON® Tape is a polyurethane tape that is transparent, highly elastic, more flexible than rubber, and highly durable. This tape is mainly used as a material for clothing, and can be used with stable quality in various environments around the world.

[Key Features]
● Excellent elasticity (more than 500%).
● Does not lose elasticity even at low temperatures (-20°C).
● Excellent resistance to sweat, seawater, chlorinated water, and oil.
● Contains no toxic substances (formalin, latex, sulfur, etc.)
● Does not contain plasticizers.
● Wash-resistant and can be dry-cleaned.
● Conforms to the Food Sanitation Law and RoHS Directive.
● Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Classification 1 certified product.
● Recycled type available, re-uses pre-consumer materials generated
in the manufacturing process.
● A biomass type that uses 25% plant-derived raw materials is available.


Clear, Black, and more.

Polyurethane 100%

As a form-keeping material for knit products

● MOBILON® Tape is ideal for use as form-fitting tape that does not spoil the texture of knit products.
● Clear MOBILON® Tape does not require color matching and can be used on transparent materials.
● MOBILON® Tape shows almost no dimensional change during sewing and washing.

As a material for surgical mask and shoulder strap

● Thinner and softer than a typical elastic cord for a softer, more comfortable fit.
● Latex-free, so there is no need to worry about allergic reactions when wearing.
● Ultrasonic welding is also possible *depends on the mating material (e.g., nonwoven fabric).

Example of MOBILON® Tape use

Casual Wear
  • For preventing elongation of shoulder line and neck area
  • For seam reinforcement and gathering of mesh fabrics
  • For form stabilization of lace materials
  • Shape retention of sleeve-to-view panel lines
Inner Wear
  • For shoulder strap
  • As stretch tape around the legs and waist
  • To improve the fit of the lace part to the body
  • Stretch tape inside the shoulder straps and around the hem
Sports Wear, etc.
  • For preventing stretching around the neck and arms
  • Shoulder yoke and panel transition lines as stretch stops
  • Mask ear-loop
    Denir: 6,000d
    Width: 4.0mm
  • Mask head-loop
    Denir: 10,000d
    Width: 6.0mm

NISSHINBO MOBILON® Band is a colorful polyurethane band that is thinner, stronger, and safer (compared to rubber). This band is capable to bundle all kinds of goods.

[Key Features]
● Polyurethane elastomer band with excellent elasticity and safety.
● Thinner than natural rubber bands but strong and long-lasting. Contains more qty per unit weight.
● The transparent MOBILON® Band allows barcodes to be read through.
● Various colors available, allowing goods to be bundled color-coded according to the application.
● Does not contain vulcanizing agents or plasticizers, not stick to or damage bundling materials.
● Size variations are available for different applications.
● Can be used over a relatively wide temperature range (+80°C to -20°C).
● A biomass type that uses 25% plant-derived raw materials is available.

● Food Sanitation Law and European RoHS Directive compliant product.
● Does not contain toxic heavy metals (cadmium, lead, total chromium, mercury), bromine, or phthalates.
● Does not contain plasticizers and sulfur, a rubber vulcanizing agent that can cause corrosion.
● Does not contain natural latex, which is contained in natural rubber.

● A certain amount of elongation (distortion) may occur after stretching.
● Band may torn off if it is applied to sharp edged objects.
● Store and use away from direct sunlight, fire, high temperature and humidity, Nox gas, etc.
● If accidentally swallowed by children, have them see a doctor as a precaution.


Half Circ.
Clear, White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink,
Fluorescent colors (Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange)

Polyurethane 100%

Example of MOBILON® Band use

  • Various cables
  • Smart phone and battery
  • Envelopes and documents
  • Hair ties
  • Daily goods and toys
  • Goods with barcodes
  • Clothes hanger
  • Electronic and precision equipment parts
  • Food packaging
  • Fresh and artificial flowers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bills

NISSHINBO MOBILON® Cord is a polyurethane cord with excellent flexibility, durability and elasticity.

[Key Features]
● Excellent resistance to water and chemicals, perspiration and oil.
● Excellent friction resistance.
● Does not contain toxic substances (formalin, latex, sulfur, etc.)

● Fishing Gear, Accessory material, Sports Gear, Toy, Sundries, etc.


Clear, Black, and more.

Polyurethane 100%

NISSHINBO MOBILON® Film is a polyurethane film with excellent low-temperature properties and chemical resistance.

[Key Features]
● Excellent friction resistance.
● Excellent water resistance.
● Excellent elasticity and high moisture permeability.
● Complies with the Food Sanitation Law.

● Medical materials, Garment material, Sound and Vibration Insulation, etc.


Clear, Black, and more.

Polyurethane 100%

NISSHINBO Sealing Tape is a sealing tape that is fused to the seams of products with moisture permeability and waterproof function.

[Key Features]
● Low melt viscosity and excellent adhesion.
● Adhesive layer is in film form, realizing uniform adhesive strength.
● Soft and elastic tape will not spoil the fabric texture.
● Excellent cold resistance and chemical resistance.
● Excellent resistance to washing and dry cleaning.

● Activity goods (Mountain wear, Fishing wear, Marine wear, Ski-wear)
● Outdoor goods (Rain wear, Wet suit, Dry suit, Camping tent)


Film 2-layer, Tricot 3-layer, Jersey 3-layer

Polyurethane 100%